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  • What a brand is, exactly
  • How to get started establishing yours
  • What to budget for branding 
  • What kind of ROI to expect

The Ultimate Guide to Branding Your Business

These days, creating a high performing brand isn’t rocket science. On the other hand, building one that builds trust and nurtures leads into conversions rates isn’t easy. That’s why we’re here to help.

This free guide will uncover effective strategies to establish your presence in the market and make customers choose you. This powerful guide includes:

  • The Definition of a Brand
  • Why Invest?
  • Signs It’s Time to Rebrand
  • The Branding (or Rebranding) Process
  • How Much and How Long?
  • But Will It Work? Measuring ROI
  • Planning for your Rebrand
  • Selecting the Right Partner
  • How to Get Started

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Your Brand is a Decision-Making Tool

Emotion is an important part of decision-making, therefore it’s vital for businesses to evoke positive feelings through their brand. 90% of purchases are made subconsciously, first.


First Impressions Matter

48% of customers report that they become loyal to a brand based on their first impression of the company.

Philly Design Co. partners with entrepreneurs, startups, and growth-minded leaders to create positive brand perceptions and visuals that grow their businesses.