Brand, or be branded.

At Philly Design Co. we take your branding seriously.

After all, your brand is the first impression of your business, and if you aren’t defining what that is, it may come across all wrong.

We help business owners and marketing leaders create the right brand perception, using proven, thoughtful and compelling creative strategies.

Take charge of your brand. Ready?

Does your business have a secret weapon?

It’s time to arm yourself.

Your business’ branding is a major part of your marketing strategy. By developing it the right way, you’ll have the right tools to make potential customers choose you.

A Workbook for Startups

A powerful and comprehensive conversation-starting tool for developing your brand’s core messages. You’ll need this before you start working on anything visual.

Branding defines you as different.

A strong brand lets customers know why you stand out.

Nice-looking branding without brains behind it is like a driverless car with no supercomputer. See how other brands have flexed their brain muscle and gotten results doing so.

“I truly value people that still care about their client, listen intently, follow through with their work.  This is why I really enjoyed working with Philly Design Co.

– T. Powers, Owner, Powers Capital Management